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All Guilds Meeting - May

As usual for the first saturday on each month, on May 7th we held an All Guilds Meeting in Kirel. We almost reached the limit population for Kirel but there has been no need to move somewhere else this time.

As speakers for the Meeting we had: the GoW representants, the GoMe and we had a return of the Guild of Instructors!

The Chat log is available in cleansed and raw versions

And the Summary:

Guild of Messengers:  The GoMe has finally published the Second Issue of the Go! Magazine featuring many articles and stories, all surrounded by wonderful graphics. The GoMe is also finishing a Special Issue about the OpenSource with lots of informations about it, interviews and "OpenSource Terms for Dummies".
As usual we are in terrible need for writers, interviewers, storytellers, photographers and everyone who may be useful to make a good Magazine! Read more

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Make One - Share One Contest

No guild of fine artists? That doesn't mean the creative side of the community isn't doing anything. On deviantart there are several Myst/Uru groups and (currently) the most active one is holding a contest!

The Myst-fanclub's Make one- Share one comptetion has been a very succesfull contest in the past and the idea is simple 

In Make One, Share One participants will create an art piece representing a character or element from their favorite Myst game. This can be in any visual media except animation or literature (drawings, paintings, models, embroidery, woodwork, bead work, etc. are fine). This is an opportunity for members to stretch their creative wings and to provide awards for future club-sponsored competitions.


The deadline is 21 May. See the link below for more information. To participate one must be a member of Deviantart and of the group, both are free >.>

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April All Guilds Meeting

The first saturday of the month has passed and we are here reporting about the All Guilds Meeting.

This has probably been the shotest meeting in almost a year of AGMs, and we found ourselves wishing to see again those more-than-3-hours long meetings of 6 months ago. :D

The Chatlog can be downloaded from here.

And this is the Summary:

Christian Walther:  During the last Meeting, OHB announced that he was going to add Christian's project, the Zik Clock, to the ULP for helping in creating localized versions of the Pods clock for the iOS. Unfortunately OHB has been really busy with Real Life and the Zik Clock was never added to the ULP. So Christian announced that we has found a services similar to ULP for translating his project at: http://getlocalization.com/zikclock/
There everyone can sign-out and start translating the Zik Clock in their favourite language for the future releases for the Clock.
For the next releases of the Clock, Christian is still working on VoiceOver accessibility support and the native iPad interface is still on the ToDo List. Read more

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All Guilds Meeting Summary - March

Yesterday, first Saturday of March, we had our traditional All Guilds Meeting in Kirel.

You can read here the complete chat log: Raw Version - Cleansed Version

And here is the Summary:

Devokan Trust: Dot updated us about the status of the Devokan Trust project ("an experiment in cross-world, collaborative storytelling at heart", as described by Dot). The project includes building a story using places spread across multiple online worlds, and Uru is at its core. The project has been developed in various stages and Dot announced that the final stage is about to be released. To visit the places of the story of Devokan Trust you must have a copy of Uru:Complete Chronicles or Uru:Ages Beyond Myst with the ToD'ni and The Path of the Shell Expansions, and use Drizzle to install the Ahra Pahts Age in your game. The shell of Ahra Pahts reserved for Devokan Trust is Shell 415. According to the developers it contains a difficult puzzle. Visit http://forum.devokan.org for more informations. Read more

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New Player's Exploration: Minkata and Gardens

.shorah b'shemtee explorers

Once again The New Players' Hood will be sponsoring an exploration. This time, we will be doing an exploration of the two Garden Ages: Eder Delin and Eder Tsogahl, and then we will pass to solving Minkata.

So the itinerary for Saturday (26 Feb) is as follows:

11:00 KI time - Meet up in Tokotah Alley for the door runs.

13:00 KI time - Meet up in the New Players Bevin for the Minkata exploration.


As with before, spread the word. Find some people who might be interested in real life and get them to sign up if you have to. We want new people to come!

D'ni Location: 
Tokotah Alley, New Players' Bevin, Minkata
Date of the event: 
February 26, 2011 - 11:00

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